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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Everything you wanted to know about BLACK HOLE||BLACKHOLE FACTS

  • Very few as mysterious objects as blackhole exist in our universe, due to such incomprehensible nature of characteristics of blackhole we often get curious about the black giant, I am gonna unravel some facts about blackhole which you gonna read, probably for the first time

black hole


Who discovered the black hole ??

  • The idea of blackhole was first conceived by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity in 1916. the first black hole was discovered in 1971, there are three types of black holes stellar black hole, intermediate black hole, and a supermassive black hole.

How are black holes formed?

  • Due to the bizarre nature of black holes, it was long suspected whether such object exists or it's the mere pathological solution
  • Gravitational collapse is the process from which it all occurs when star's internal pressure is not sufficed enough to handle its own gravity, it occurs due to less fuel is left in the star to maintain its temperature or due to its reception of extra star matter in a way that doesn't increase its temperature.
  • Due to less temperature star can't handle its own gravity and outer layer is starting to blow away , there is variety of stars which can be formed after this depending upon extent to which original star's mass left
  • if the mass of the remnant exceeds 3-4 Mo(Volkoff limit) then no known mechanism is there to stop the implosion and object will inevitably take form of blackhole. 
This artist's concept shows a galaxy with a supermassive black hole at its core. The black hole is shooting out jets of radio waves.
a supermassive black hole

What black hole is made up of ????

  • Blackhole is known as a region of spacetime with extreme gravity from which nothing can escape, NOT EVEN LIGHT.
  • As I told gravity takes over when the black hole is starting to form, the star's outer matter starts to shrink in, it gets compressed to a very little area. once the black hole is formed it continues to absorb the interstellar gas from its surrounding and keeps on  growing
  • This is the primary process through which supermassive blackhole seems to have grown, it has also been observed in the formation of an intermediate black hole present in globular clusters.
  • blackholes can also be merged with one another or with stars which are considered as a reason behind the inception of supermassive black holes.
  • checkout blackhole video here--

 Black hole facts

  • If you fell in blackhole you will be stretched and your death will come before you reach the singularity.
  • the first object considered blackhole was Cygnus x-1, scientists detected radio emissions coming from Cygnus x-1 and hidden inner companion was found and identified as a blackhole
  • miniature black holes are formed after the BIG BANG, the rapid expansion of space initially formed numerous tiny blackholes bit lesser in size as compared to our godfather sun.
  • If a star passes from very closer to black hole it will tear apart.
  • There is a supermassive black hole in the center of most galaxies around which stars revolve 
  • some huge galaxies have two of them and there is a gigantic supermassive black hole in the center of our universe.

Black hole theory

  • Famed astrophysicist Stephen hawking shaken up science world with his new study on the black hole but t is his idea revolutionary ?? some scientists aren't conceived.
  • Hawking's new study - information preservation and weather forecasting for black holes was attempted to solve paradox surrounding how the universe works
  • Hawking's paper is short and doesn't provide detailed information as to what the justification is,  Joseph Polchinski of the Kavli Institute wrote in an email to
  • Hawking believed that light and matter can pass through black hole which termed as a hawking radiation however radiation is so scrambled that no physicist can work backward to understand what fell into blackhole at the first place

  • Black hole near earth

  • To compare distance let me tell you that our nearest star apart from the sun is 4.24 light years away and the diameter of our galaxy Milkyway is 180000 light year.
  • The nearest black hole from our solar system within our galaxy is 3000 light years away which was discovered in 1917.
black hole

Black hole on earth

  • Blackhole is formed in space from dying stars and collision of stars or of such gigantic bodies. blackhole cannot exist on earth because the mass of the earth is relatively too small to stars 
  • so, such formation can't take place on earth or anywhere on the planet or planet-sized body. 
check out blackhole simulation videos to make your understanding more explicit --

check out black hole movie

Black hole pdf 

Black hole quotes

  • "Universe is expanding to infinity without a center in space, how come humans claim a direction to their life ?"
  • "a black hole holds all the colors of the universe"
  • "a black hole not only holds all the colors of the universe, but it also contains the future of mankind within its grasp."


  • Blackholes are very enigmatic by nature, cosmologist has understood many concepts however all details are yet to be understood, they are very powerful and gigantic in size,.
  • so far it is understood that nothing can escape it not even light, but theories of Stephen Hawking have made research interesting, claiming light can escape a black hole.
  • so the picture is not clear yet, many more types of research are yet to come before we completely understood everything about the black giant.
  • HOPE my article have strengthed your conception of the black hole and made your comprehension more lucid.
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