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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Facts about EARTHQUAKE that will impress your friends

In this post I'm gonna talk about an earthquake, its causes, its effects and I will discuss some of the notorious earthquakes of let's get started



If you are a citizen of Japan, you must be pretty much aware of it, and you must have experienced at least one of those plenty if not is very frequent in Japan due to an anatomy of its tectonic plates and undergoing seismic activities. now let us see why earthquakes take place.

Earthquake Causes :

  • In brief, it is caused by faultline, sudden lateral or vertical movement along a rupture
  • now let's go in detail,the surface of the earth is in continue slow  motion.this is plate tectonics-- the motion of immense rigid plates at the surface of the earth in response to flow of rock within the earth. the plates cover the entire surface of the globe.since they all are moving they all rub against each other in some places.
  • at others, they sink beneath each other or spread apart from each such places the motion isn't smooth, the plates are stuck together at edges, but the rest plate is continuing to move, therefore the rock along the edges are distorted.
  • as the motion continues, the strain escalates to the point where the rock cannot withstand with any bending, with a lurch a rock breaks, and the two sides move. and earthquakes is a shaking that radiates out from breaking a rock.
  • people have long been believed the breaks occur in the surface caused earthquake rather than vice was bunjiro koto a geologist in Japan who was studying a 60-mile long fault, first suggested that quakes are a result of faultlines.
  • he said that an earthquake is a huge amount of energy released when an accumulated strain causes a fault to rupture.he said that force causes them to twist their shape over the period of centuries.eventually leads in a wrenching snap to relieve the strain

Effects Of Earthquake :

  • ground shaking is the most familiar effect of the earthquake, it is a result of passage of activity of seismic waves through ground and ranges  from quite gentle in small quakes to incredibly violent in large quakes
  • landslides are caused by earthquakes both by direct rupture and by sustained shaking of unstable slops, they can destroy building in its way or block roads and railroad lines.
  • tsunami or which is wrongly termed as "tidal waves", is a grave hazard to many parts of the world, tsunamis are waves caused by movement of sea floor due to the earthquake, which can travel vast distances in short time.
  • liquefaction and subsidence of the ground are important to effect which often are causes of much destruction in quakes, particularly in the unconsolidated ground, liquefaction is when sediments grains are literally made to float in groundwater, which causes the soil to lose its solidity.

Earthquake Indonesia :

  • more than 400 people reported dead after a tsunami struck western Java and southern Sumatra islands during the evening of December 22, 2018, Indonesia's geological and weather service says tsunami was likely caused by undersea landslides
  • a few months earlier magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Indonesia's central Sulawesi province on Sep 28,2018, triggering tsunamis and landslides that caused widespread destruction and casualties


  • more than 2000 people are known to have died, the central Sulawesi  quake occurred less than two months after a series of quakes struck Indonesia's Lombok island, the strongest of those was a magnitude 6.9 temblor on Aug 5
  • children who were affected by the 2018 earthquakes and tsunami have lost family members and friends as well as their homes and possessions, everyone remembers 2004 quake which also brought disastrous consequence tsunami.
  • it killed around 130,000 people alone in Indonesia and 170000 in total, in 14 countries.

Earthquake In California :

  • the seven biggest earthquakes of California history are of 1857,1872,1892,1906,1952,1992,1922.
  • the 1857 quake known as a fort Quezon quake caused larger average ground movements than the more famous 1906 horizontal displacement along the fault was around 29 feet.
  • 7.4 was the magnitude of 1872 quake 27 people killed when a row of houses collapsed, it moved the ground horizontally as much as 23 feet.
  • in 1892, an earthquake was of measure 7.8, ground fissures, rockslides and some 155 tremors followed this quake, the 1906 quake was of magnitude 7.8, it struck early in the morning and left 80 percent of the city damaged by quake and fire.
  • the quake of 1922 was of magnitude 7.3, this quake caused by Mendocino fault, a series of quakes with magnitude 6.5 struck over an 18 hour period in the same region.

Earthquake Oregon :

  • oregon is overdue for a massive earthquake that in combination with an ensuing tsunami, could kill 10000 people, Oregonians are used to hearing of little quakes here and there, most of them in the Pacific ocean.
  • here is a rundown of biggest quakes to hit Oregon in the last 10 years, using data of the US geological survey, all but the 2 of the 250 strongest quakes were under the ocean, I am providing you with the data of the five biggest quakes of Oregon
  • the magnitude of 5.8 in 2012 -this quake struck 159 miles off the west coast of coos bay, few people reported the feeling of the weak jolt, a magnitude of 5.8 in June 2015 was about 300 miles west of Salem, similar clusters occur quite a few times in that part
  • a 5.9 magnitude quake hit in June 2015 along with the magnitude 6 in April 2012 were few of recent times in Oregon
  • very recent of these is in August 2018, even the strongest quake of the past decade wasn't strong enough to trigger tsunami warnings.

Earthquake Japan :

  • Most earthquake-prone country of the world Japan has seen plenty of those, and their architecture and technological advancements have also made them strong against such quakes
  • if you want the latest update of an earthquake in Japan you can visit:
  • the islands of Japan are primarily the several oceanic movements occurring over hundreds of millions of years as a result of subduction of Philippines sea plate under the American plate and Okinawa plate


  • in Japan, Shindo scale is used to measure earthquakes by seismic activity, with 9.1 magnitudes the 2011 quake was one of the most destructive ones Japan has ever seen it occurred at Pacific coast of Tohoku
  • it was the 4 the most powerful quake of the world since 1900, earthquake triggered tsunami waves which escalated up to 40.5 m at some places.
  • it lasted for six minutes with a large number of foreshocks and hundreds of aftershocks over 800 aftershocks were reported of 4,5 or greater magnitude/

Earthquake In Mexico :

  • mexico lie within the two seismically active quake zones, the baza peninsula lies near the boundary of a Pacific plate and North American plate, southern Mexico also contains numerous faults which cause that section to have high tectonic activity.
  • most destructive quake amongst all was an earthquake of 1885 which caused 5000 to 45000 deaths and around 30000 were injured which was measured of 8 magnitudes on the scale
  • you can see a detailed list of quakes of all time in Mexico:

Earthquake Today :

  • simply open google or any search engine and search for "earthquake today" and you will find the latest update on earthquake from all over the world as well as your region.

Crux :

  • in this post you read about some of the most earthquake zones of the world ,some earthquake stats, reasons of earthquakes as well as its effects
  • hope you liked this post ,give us feedback if you liked it ,do share this with your friends and family and send us your query or suggestion on below address, have a good day.