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how to grieve the loss of loved one??

How do you grieve the loss of loved one?
Dealing with one of the bitterest reality of life in the face of the loss of beloved one, family member, friend or a pet is never an easy situation to handle and is almost inevitable.
Losing a loved one often gives you tremendous stress and emotional setback. Though, people develop their own way of coping up with grief, one common and intuitive way is to mourn for accepting and facing a loss.

1.               The stages of grief: also termed as 7 stages of grief
It’s quite instinctive to become shocked especially if your loss is sudden. one might be stuck in disbelief which takes place for saving ourselves from becoming overwhelmed. a person might go through physical adversities such as dizziness or nausea. here, the thing to remember is to have patience and let the time elapse.
Feelings of guilt & pain stem from the things of the past said or done to the person, either one wishes to fulfill the incompleted desire or to undo the mistakes. your mind can’t distinguish between rational and irrational, one often ends up believing that it's their fault. Here, one needs different perspective to smoothens the grieving process.
Sticking into such helpless circumstance give rise to anger, specifically on oneself for not getting rid of the situation or can be on others who have nothing to do with it. Other part is bargaining in which person involves “ifs”, like “if this then that”, and try to get away with the past, pulling things back to normal.
Sometimes depression creeps in as a result of acceptance which can’t be rectified. You try to isolate yourself and get lost in past memories. It’s completely logical to go through this which instills peace within. However, becoming active later and involving into stuff makes things optimistic again.
As you swerve things back on track, things become soothing and pain declines gradually. As the time go by, your mind gets accustomed back to normal thinking, the way it had been, though the pain doesn’t completely nullify.
This phase consists of doing productive & practical things and lets the loss be forgotten. You start to reconstruct normalcy and get close to the last phase- acceptance & hope.
In this phase, you don’t get over with pain but you start to talk about your loved one, think about them without feeling broken or devastated. You might never feel like as good as past, but things become hopeful and you can be relieved with peace & happiness. Finally, you find your way out through complex ways.

2.               How to deal with depression after the loss of a loved one
Post lost scenario and grieving process require a person to be bolstered by the solid emotional system. Support during bereavement can further aids in recovery. Friends and family members can also provide great backing but support groups, community organizations & counselors can come in handy if one seeks professional help.
There is no offense in taking much care while dealing with depression, since it soothes the one mentally & physically.
Here are some fixes which one can adopt to make a way out.
·       Exercise lightly if not in gym. start off with walking, cycling or on an elliptical machine.
·       Comply to 7, 8 hours sleep routine every night.
·       Expand your horizons with learning naive skills such as cooking, dancing or anything of your liking.
·       Hang out & meet up with friends or your beloved ones.
·       Be the member of the support groups which gone through similar adversities.
Some of the above-mentioned ways can sort things out, whereas some might not help. Remember not to get habituated with drugs & liquor to get out of your mind. In a long run it proves to be detrimental.
When memorable days such as anniversary birthday arrives don’t act like as if it's of no significance now.Instead, celebrate them in memory with your closed ones who can make you feel better.


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