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The ultimate guide to solve Gmail server error 007

The ultimate guide to solving Gmail server error 007

Though g-mail is our first choice due to its very simplicity, it’s not without faults like every other thing under the, While using Gmail u might come across Gmail server error 007.
When server error 007 occur, People find their account hanged and can't able to click as well as can't refresh the page. One can’t open/send the unopened emails either.
At that time, only ultimate solution seems to close chrome and reopen, However, without certainty of not recurring the same error. Still, some good solutions are there. We will discuss them here.

What is a server error in Gmail ?
  • Gmail error code 007 is primarily caused by misconfigured files that produce registry error inside your PC at a fast pace.
  • This Gmail error code 007 could be generated due to system crashing, sluggish PC performance & program lock-ups.

Solve Gmail server error 007
Few solutions are there to solve Gmail’s server error 007. It is a prevalent error, and results due to various factors. Given below are few ways to solve the error.

It’s too simple to follow, dunno how? Follow the steps:
  • Visit google chrome’s menu(three dots in the right corner) and click settings.
  • Scroll down & click show advanced settings.
  • Below the privacy tab, click on content settings.
  • Under cookies click All cookies & site data.
  • Click remove all then done.
Once done check whether it rectified or not, it will, most probably.

  • Though sounds irrational .but sometimes viruses can also cause server error 007. They can too damage your computer in countless ways. Hence, frequent scan is desirable. You can use many anti viruses available.
  • Check for the update of your browser, Though chrome updates automatically, it’s better to ensure it for the update.
  • If not using chrome, you would still find “check for the updates”(or of that sort) on the setting.

·         If you’ve installed an extension before getting the server error 007, then the extension could be the culprit
·         If haven’t added any extension then it might be the older extension causing it due to any update
Disabling extension is no rocket science , simply:
1.        Open chrome & click three dots in the right corner.
2.      Choose “More tools”  =>  “Extensions”.
3.      Uncheck the “Enabled” box.
If this fixes the error than it’s sure that one of the extensions was the could also enable extensions individually and check if the problem is intact.

·         Server error 007 sometimes happens due to enables “Background send ”.follow the steps to disable it:
1.        Sign into Gmail account
2.      Click the dented gear icon on the right corner of the page
3.      Click “settings” & choose lab tab
4.      Look for “Background send” & disable it.
Now, probably you’ve got solutions. So, fixing the Gmail server error 007 is too easy, Still,  after applying these methods , if you don’t get sorted then comment below the post ,we will try to rectify it.


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