Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Super easy ways to download KIK for PC/Laptop

Super easy ways to download KIK for PC/Laptop

Just when we start to feel that current messaging services are very stable, we get proven wrong. Like the text messaging has become obsolete with the arrival of smartphones & social media, Simillarly, social media messaging is also become started to become unpopular.surprised??

Truth be told, with the advent of the messaging services like KIK for pc; social media messaging services is going to die gradually. In this such a fast-paced technological environment its essential to keep up with the world rather than lagging behind.

What is Kik Messanger ?
·         Kik messenger is an instant messaging app, which is developed by Kik interactive, canadian company, this app uses your phone's data connection for sending messages,pictures & videos to the person with Kik account
·         It enables you to connect with your friends, by knowing their numbers, username or Kik have some unique features which make it popular
One of them is, it doesn't ask you for your number like Whatsapp and Viber, provide your email id and Bingo, you can do Kik login.

Download Kik for PC/Laptop

1. Leapdroid method :  Leapdroid is an android emulator which enables installation of Kik messanger.

Step 1- Download Leapdroid.
Step 2- Install the file, it will take time due to high memory.
Step 3- Double click on the play store, you will need to enter email id, then search for the Kik messenger in the search tab.
Step 4- Download the app like any other app, install it & that's it.

2. Bluestacks method :  Follow the steps to get it.

Step 1 - The first step to download kik messenger for PC is to download android emulator, we recommend bluestacks.

Step 2- Install the emulator, once downloaded.
Step 3- In the search tab type "Kik messenger".
Step 4- Click on install.
Step 5- Launch the app, register & chat ;)

3. Chrome Extension method : Chrome extension is the software developed by chrome, it's pretty simple & easy to use.

Step 1- Open the google chrome app on the PC/Laptop & hit the search "chrome extension for Kik".
Step 2- From the results, click on the first link.
Step 3- A new page will pop up, there click " add to chrome button" this will install Kik on your computer.

Kik Online Login
·       Open the app on your device & go to the sign-up
·       Fill your first name & last name
·       This names gonna be your display names which you can alter later on
·       Choose a username
·       If a green sign is seen beside your name then you can pick it, or else you need some alterations to reach to the unique one.
·       Add a password which is strong in terms of guessing.
·       Fill in your DOB, Kik only allows users of above 13 age.
·       Tap the Sign up.

Once you are done with the above steps, verify the account from your mail id, don't forget to check the spam folder in case you don't find the mail.
Hope you are now enough knowledgable for getting started on one of the recent trending App.


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