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this post is about gravity, you gonna find information about gravity facts, gravity definition, gravity knife, and many other topics.so go on reading for five minutes if you want to be less than a Xavier in gravity if not fully.



 if you are a pro you must know the term pretty well, gravity is a natural force of attraction type, which occurs between any particles or objects having mass

So gravity or gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which everything from stars, planets to galaxies or any object having mass or energy  are attracted to each other

on earth, gravity gives weight to objects moon's gravity also causes tides and ebbs, in earlier years of its existence there were interactions among gases due to gravity, that caused compression and stars were formed due to consequential processes


so the gravity is responsible for many large scale structures of our universe
, gravity may have an infinite effect although it reduces as the distance between objects increases

let me make it to you clearer,


A formula of gravity was first given by the Newton in his law of universal gravitation, which states gravity or gravitational force between two objects having masses m1 and m2 having distance between them as R can be given by the formula


as per formula, both objects or particles whatever you take it, apply the same force on each other and that force will be directly proportional to the product of the masses of two objects here, m1.m2, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the objects

F1 and F2 are called gravitational forces and G is a gravitational constant 

the first test of Newton's gravitational law took place as a Cavendish experiment conducted by Henry Cavendish after 111 years of publication of the law and 78 years after the death of the Newton

this law resembles the Coulomb's law of electric force which is also inverse square law

assuming SI units f is calculated in unit NEWTON, masses are calculated in Kg, distance in meter, and G has a fixed value  6.674×10−11 N m2 kg−2 

to know more about VECTOR FORM OF THE FORMULA refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_law_of_universal_gravitation

let's look at some astonishing gravity facts,


Your weight increases when you accelerate

without gravity, your body starts to malfunction, as you are evolution with gravity.

you will feel weightless at the center of the earth

some fishes have calcium carbonate stones in their head which shows them the way upwards

you can feel the 90 percent of the earth gravity on the international space station

gravity can bend light


quantum mechanics which tells us  how atoms and small particles interact whereas Einstein's general theory of relativity which tells us how the universe works on large scale cant be fitted together

some bacterias can grow better in microgravity

 The Moon’s gravity makes Earth’s oceans bulge

Dark energy works against gravity

extreme gravity can tear star systems to pieces

newton saw a falling apple and not hit by it as its wrongly hyped

it's actually not a force however it is perceived as the one

gravity is one directional

the range of gravity is infinite

earth's gravity is lumpy

newton and Einstein aren't the only ones who wandered about gravity

gravity travels at the speed of the light

you weigh six times on earth than you would on mars

gravity is amongst the weakest of the four fundamental forces of nature

astronauts practice the weightlessness in the plane

scientists study gravity in the cosmic laboratory

spinning creates artificial gravity

massive objects make gravity waves when they move

earth's gravity is lumpy


  • If you are a kid or you want to understand in an easy and deliberate manner read this


gravity is a force by which planet or other body draws objects towards its center, the force of gravity keeps all planets around the sun in orbit

why you come down on land and don't fly away in space when you jump, why things which you throw up come down anyway?? the answer is GRAVITY  which keeps things on a surface 

gravity or gravitational force is there among any object having mass, as the weight of an object increases gravitational force on it by other objects increases, also as the distance between two objects increases the gravity between two decreases

the gravity of earth is due to a net result of gravity of each individual particle inside, which pulls you and that is a weight of your hence if you are on the planet with more mass than earth, you will weight more

you exert the same force on earth as the earth is generating on you, but it cant be observed since the earth is way higher messy than you

the gravity of the moon causes tides and ebbs in oceans of earth, gravity makes the stars and planets by holding together its constituent particles

gravity also affects the light, which was stated by the Albert Einstein, when you flash a torch upward it will become redder due to gravity you cant observe it however scientists can measure it

BLACKHOLE can pack so much in small space that it has almost infinite gravity such that it cant let light escape.

gravity is what holds planet and earth at proper distance so as to flourish organism and plants, it also holds the atmosphere from which we breathe. in short, it holds the world around us.


gravity is not same all over the earth, it more where there is more mass underneath like at the equator and its less where mass is less.


Gravity bong also sometimes termed as GB, or geebie is a method of consuming smokable substances such as cannabis the term describes both waterfall bong and smoke bong since both use air pressure and water to draw bong

a bucket bong is made  of two containers, the larger top container is filled with water, smaller has  connected bowl and open bottom and the smaller is placed into bigger

once the bowl is lit, the operator must move the smaller container up, causing a pressure difference, smoke slowly feels the jar until the user removes the bowl and inhales the contents. a waterfall bong is made up of one container

a container must have the bowl and a small hole near the base so the water can drain easily, as the water flows out of the container, air is forced through the bowl and causes the substance to burn and accumulate the smoke in a bong 



Construction of a bucket bong calls for a large container or a bottle which can contain huge water and which is a bottle, a hex bit socket used as a bowl an aerator screen that cut to fit the bowl, a large bottle or container

the large plastic bottle's base is cut off and bottle's cap has a hole in the center, which will eventually hold the bowl and large bottle or container., the screen is placed inside the bowl the cut nozzle is connected into the hole outside the cap

a cap is packed with the smokable substance and screwed onto the bottle once it is immersed to a neck in the bottle, while lightning the bowl with match the bottle is gradually lifted until it is about to come out of water

while the bottle is held in place a lid is removed, the user's mouth is placed above the opening and the user inhales as the bottle is pushed back down the water


It is another method of smoking in which a large plastic bottle, a rubber stopper, a brass cut nozzle to act as a bowl and keep the marijuana from entering and aerator screen 

once the bottle is filled to its neck in water the lid is screwed on, removing the rubber stopper and igniting the contents of the bowl leads to draining water to cause smoke drawn into the bottle 


You will be surprised to see this title if you are unaware of the word, so let me tell you in detail what it is actually I just came to know about it, just a few hours before writing this line.

it is javascript based search engine trick that googles programmed in 2009, it may or might not work on your computer, because of changes in google's reprogrammed search page now let's see how to do


OPEN GOOGLE TYPE http://www.google.com IN YOUR BROWSER




BY CHANCE GOOGLE GRAVITY PAGE DOESN'T LOAD THEN U CAN ACCESS TO THE LINK-  https://mrdoob.com/projectsA/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/ 


A gravity knife is a knife in which blades are contained within the handle and blades of which opens due to force of gravity, the advantage of this type of opening is it only need one hand 

so one can open it when another hand is occupied, a major use of it found out in parachuting to cut parachute while tangled in the tree

gravity knife uses fulcrum lever, button or trigger to release the blade from the closed position, it may use the side folding or telescopic blade


One of the most famous knives in the world war 2 knife or a German airforce knife, which utilized 4inch, telescopic, gravity propelled locking blade, first produced in 1937 it was allowed to the German air force and paratroops 

it uses a sliding blade in the metal grip frame, which was originally fitted in smooth wood scale, the blade itself is a blunt spear point 

to open this user point it downwards while flipping its fulcrum lever allowing a blade to open to full extent releasing the blade locks the blade into position

the fjm may also be opened by flipping the blade release lever while flicking the wrist holding the knife 

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