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Best health tips for longevity | how to live longer

  • So, you want to hear it from me, enlisted below are best health tips for longevity that enables you to live longer and stay strong, so let's get started and figure out your query on best health tips for longevity | how to live longer.


 Best health tips for longevity | how to live longer

1. Eat in bouts

  • You need to break your stokes into more bouts. It makes most of what you eat and digest it optimally.
  • And yes eat only 80 per cent of your hunger .keep empty some space within.

2. Go and buy handwash

  • You heard it right, wash your hands before meals and you will be in heaven bit later than it had been otherwise. Sad? 
  • Ok, but as long as you live it would guarantee you a healthier disease-free life to some extent definitely. 
  • Brushing twice a day and flossing daily makes your hygiene better and make you safe against maladies.
3. Eat a healthy diet
  • A diet full of fruits, vegetables, low fat with optimum calorie is great. Fruits and vegetables are best as they are rich in fibers, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Foods having low calorie, low trans fat and saturated fat are better . I would say eliminate transfat altogether, which is banned in English speaking countries like the USA.
  • Eat more dry fruits, beans, nuts, berries,  omega3 fat(very nutritious ).

Best health tips for longevity | how to live longer
As easy to digest as to lift.

4. Active lifestyle
  • it's of utmost importance if you don't want to look bad ie-obese. 
  • It makes you mentally happy physically fit, you won't believe but it's true that being active is considered more advantageous than work out of the gym, it is supported by many scientific types of research.
  • Especially you need to get rid of visceral fat which is unwanted fat and its like enemy within ourselves. 

5. Smile, be social, get married
  • I know it's your personal life, but the smile is considered a healthy habit, relax you deserve that curve which makes things straight (not having copyright ).
  • Being social and getting married  have some connections with your emotional states, which help you avoid smoking, drugs, and liquor 
  • Getting married help you live longer which has seen in statistics.
6. Exercise 
  • It is the most beneficial deed you can ever think of doing ,which enables your body to go beyond limits
  • It enhances your immune system and improves the health of the heart, brain, kidneys, lungs and every body part which one can ever possess.
  • Seriously speaking, search from Google you would find best sites in clinical fields stating the same words.
  • You can find many tutorials on YouTube to choose the appropriate one as per your age and body type, and as per your convenience. 
Best health tips for longevity | how to live longer
An added benefit of attractive looks.

7. Be optimistic, believe in something 
  • It makes you positive, and you will live a better life in each aspect. Have Faith in something be it God, yourself, or in Any belief 
8. Buy a pet 
  • Quite ok, if you are planning to live single, good news is even a company of pet will make you feel better and will improve your life.
  • Seems strange but this so-called secret can also improve your life expectancy.
9. Avoid smoking, reduce liquor 
  • 5 minutes of so-called upliftment will harm you gradually, I found during my research it as a counterpart of exercise,  i.e. - it is the worst thing one can think of doing.
  • Red wine is good for your heart, however, most of them are detrimental, one should keep the check on quantity and make sure it doesn't exceed one glass a day limit.
  • Although I am advising to avoid it altogether. 
Best  health tips for longevity | how to live longer
Better late than never 

10. Educate
  • Have companionship with books, education makes people prudent it teaches persistence and gives you a sense of self-confidence.
  • Studies support the fact that educated fellas are more likely to live longer than an illiterate or less educated one. 
11.  Help, volunteer 
  • A saying goes as "if you want to be lifted, lift someone else", helping others are what our religious and holy books have preached and now contemporary science also backs it.
  • Volunteering is fun for some individuals, you should try a hand and I know you will for sure after reading my post.

  • Conclusion - need I say more ?? Indeed not, how amazing it is that we have many controls over our longevity,  hope you got your answers, so don't shy away in sharing this essential information to your good wishers it takes hardly one click after all sharing is caring you better know ☺
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  1. Fantastic, we should all read this. Nothing more important than health.

  2. This is very interesting, I work all day on a computer in sem remarketing and am mindful of needing to stay healthy when at a computer screen all day.