Saturday, 27 July 2019

how to grieve the loss of loved one??

How do you grieve the loss of loved one?
Dealing with one of the bitterest reality of life in the face of the loss of beloved one, family member, friend or a pet is never an easy situation to handle and is almost inevitable.
Losing a loved one often gives you tremendous stress and emotional setback. Though, people develop their own way of coping up with grief, one common and intuitive way is to mourn for accepting and facing a loss.

1.               The stages of grief: also termed as 7 stages of grief
It’s quite instinctive to become shocked especially if your loss is sudden. one might be stuck in disbelief which takes place for saving ourselves from becoming overwhelmed. a person might go through physical adversities such as dizziness or nausea. here, the thing to remember is to have patience and let the time elapse.
Feelings of guilt & pain stem from the things of the past said or done to the person, either one wishes to fulfill the incompleted desire or to undo the mistakes. your mind can’t distinguish between rational and irrational, one often ends up believing that it's their fault. Here, one needs different perspective to smoothens the grieving process.
Sticking into such helpless circumstance give rise to anger, specifically on oneself for not getting rid of the situation or can be on others who have nothing to do with it. Other part is bargaining in which person involves “ifs”, like “if this then that”, and try to get away with the past, pulling things back to normal.
Sometimes depression creeps in as a result of acceptance which can’t be rectified. You try to isolate yourself and get lost in past memories. It’s completely logical to go through this which instills peace within. However, becoming active later and involving into stuff makes things optimistic again.
As you swerve things back on track, things become soothing and pain declines gradually. As the time go by, your mind gets accustomed back to normal thinking, the way it had been, though the pain doesn’t completely nullify.
This phase consists of doing productive & practical things and lets the loss be forgotten. You start to reconstruct normalcy and get close to the last phase- acceptance & hope.
In this phase, you don’t get over with pain but you start to talk about your loved one, think about them without feeling broken or devastated. You might never feel like as good as past, but things become hopeful and you can be relieved with peace & happiness. Finally, you find your way out through complex ways.

2.               How to deal with depression after the loss of a loved one
Post lost scenario and grieving process require a person to be bolstered by the solid emotional system. Support during bereavement can further aids in recovery. Friends and family members can also provide great backing but support groups, community organizations & counselors can come in handy if one seeks professional help.
There is no offense in taking much care while dealing with depression, since it soothes the one mentally & physically.
Here are some fixes which one can adopt to make a way out.
·       Exercise lightly if not in gym. start off with walking, cycling or on an elliptical machine.
·       Comply to 7, 8 hours sleep routine every night.
·       Expand your horizons with learning naive skills such as cooking, dancing or anything of your liking.
·       Hang out & meet up with friends or your beloved ones.
·       Be the member of the support groups which gone through similar adversities.
Some of the above-mentioned ways can sort things out, whereas some might not help. Remember not to get habituated with drugs & liquor to get out of your mind. In a long run it proves to be detrimental.
When memorable days such as anniversary birthday arrives don’t act like as if it's of no significance now.Instead, celebrate them in memory with your closed ones who can make you feel better.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Looking to buy a used car? I will help you make the trusted purchase

Here is a thing, for every 3  cars sold, there are 4 pre-owned cars exchange hands. The reasons to take into account are, the financial sense buying pre-owned car makes. 

With cars losing value from the moment being rolled out of showrooms, there’s an opportunity to save big. For some, it's having countless options with budget constraint, For others, its option for loans & guarantees even on the pre-owned cars.

 That being said, these cars don’t come without issues, one got to take a brave pill prior to committing money, we have pacified those fears of ending up getting a lemon by pointing out what must you look for in a car.'

1.    Inspection

Walk around & look for dents, scratches and dodgy paints. Check for uneven gaps between panels(fenders, doors), they indicate improper assembling or poor repair. Using light check the wheel wells for corrosion and also open & close doors, hood & trunk to ensure they’re noise-free.

They are a good indicator of wear & tear just stand behind, look for sagging & slumping. Press down from behind & check for rebounds.

·      Underhood
Check all the fluid tanks for leakage. Check belts, oil level, coolant texture, transmission oil & timing belts for their appropriateness.

·      Lights & tires
Check headlamps,tail lamps, fog lamps & third brake lamp. Check the tires as they show the clearer picture. Check the unevenness of treads, it should be the same for all the tires.

Check for stains, scratches & rips on upholstery, metal and plastic parts. check AC’s airflow & coolant(R134 is preferable). Odometer reading should reflect the car-age.

2.    Maintenance

    More than expected ??
The reason we are suggesting to check maintenance before signing the deal is, you might end up spending a lot if you are upgrading from the mainstream model. As upgradation may cost you costly oil & other maintenances in advanced engine & performance model.

    Check repair cost & how to ??
It’s not just maintenance cost that matters, Repairing cost is also crucial, given the complexity of the repairing3.For example, a window regulator’s gonna cost 400$ as the difficulty of repairing, the cost for a model is high. To know costs, just visit the mechanic, ask for the costs of oils, tires, fluids etc.these can be easily estimated by him.

3.    Service history

    Service history consists the maintenance done in the past mainly in the form of oil, windshield, engine filters, cabin & battery replacement. some other are of a spark plug, wheel alignment & timing belt among which timing belt is of greater significance.

    Knowing service gives you peace of mind as you are aware of all the replacements done. Buying a car without receipts of past services imposes a risk. Though, it's not always the case.

4.    Documentation

    Registration certificate
It's too crucial as it provides VIN, engine number, owner name & registration number. If color/engine change is done make sure its there on RC book. Update your name as the owner on RCBook.

It's just to have insurance, transfer it on your name when you buy a car, also inspect for previous claims to know previous accident records.

    Road text receipt
It's one-time payment done while purchasing, make sure to take it along with the original invoice of car & NOC with a certificate for dual fuel if a car is modified to run on multiple fuels.also, ask for PUC.

5.    Negotiation

          Know the `MSP, many sites facilitate it, Do some research before dealing with the second party, if a person is asking for more money which is inexplicable move on for another deal.

          Have a third party professional to identify the exact price after inspection considering future maintenance,it will ease you up while negotiating.

          It doesn’t end on a sale price, you can ask for trade-in price, add ons.negotiate both sale price & trade-in , independently

          It usually takes 4 hours for car deal, so don’t go empty handed afterward,although prepare to walk away if a situation arises. This sometimes drives the negotiation back on track.

Hope that you’ve got the enough guidelines for making a prudent purchase of pre-owned car.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The ultimate guide to solve Gmail server error 007

The ultimate guide to solving Gmail server error 007

Though g-mail is our first choice due to its very simplicity, it’s not without faults like every other thing under the, While using Gmail u might come across Gmail server error 007.
When server error 007 occur, People find their account hanged and can't able to click as well as can't refresh the page. One can’t open/send the unopened emails either.
At that time, only ultimate solution seems to close chrome and reopen, However, without certainty of not recurring the same error. Still, some good solutions are there. We will discuss them here.

What is a server error in Gmail ?
  • Gmail error code 007 is primarily caused by misconfigured files that produce registry error inside your PC at a fast pace.
  • This Gmail error code 007 could be generated due to system crashing, sluggish PC performance & program lock-ups.

Solve Gmail server error 007
Few solutions are there to solve Gmail’s server error 007. It is a prevalent error, and results due to various factors. Given below are few ways to solve the error.

It’s too simple to follow, dunno how? Follow the steps:
  • Visit google chrome’s menu(three dots in the right corner) and click settings.
  • Scroll down & click show advanced settings.
  • Below the privacy tab, click on content settings.
  • Under cookies click All cookies & site data.
  • Click remove all then done.
Once done check whether it rectified or not, it will, most probably.

  • Though sounds irrational .but sometimes viruses can also cause server error 007. They can too damage your computer in countless ways. Hence, frequent scan is desirable. You can use many anti viruses available.
  • Check for the update of your browser, Though chrome updates automatically, it’s better to ensure it for the update.
  • If not using chrome, you would still find “check for the updates”(or of that sort) on the setting.

·         If you’ve installed an extension before getting the server error 007, then the extension could be the culprit
·         If haven’t added any extension then it might be the older extension causing it due to any update
Disabling extension is no rocket science , simply:
1.        Open chrome & click three dots in the right corner.
2.      Choose “More tools”  =>  “Extensions”.
3.      Uncheck the “Enabled” box.
If this fixes the error than it’s sure that one of the extensions was the could also enable extensions individually and check if the problem is intact.

·         Server error 007 sometimes happens due to enables “Background send ”.follow the steps to disable it:
1.        Sign into Gmail account
2.      Click the dented gear icon on the right corner of the page
3.      Click “settings” & choose lab tab
4.      Look for “Background send” & disable it.
Now, probably you’ve got solutions. So, fixing the Gmail server error 007 is too easy, Still,  after applying these methods , if you don’t get sorted then comment below the post ,we will try to rectify it.

Super easy ways to download KIK for PC/Laptop

Super easy ways to download KIK for PC/Laptop

Just when we start to feel that current messaging services are very stable, we get proven wrong. Like the text messaging has become obsolete with the arrival of smartphones & social media, Simillarly, social media messaging is also become started to become unpopular.surprised??

Truth be told, with the advent of the messaging services like KIK for pc; social media messaging services is going to die gradually. In this such a fast-paced technological environment its essential to keep up with the world rather than lagging behind.

What is Kik Messanger ?
·         Kik messenger is an instant messaging app, which is developed by Kik interactive, canadian company, this app uses your phone's data connection for sending messages,pictures & videos to the person with Kik account
·         It enables you to connect with your friends, by knowing their numbers, username or Kik have some unique features which make it popular
One of them is, it doesn't ask you for your number like Whatsapp and Viber, provide your email id and Bingo, you can do Kik login.

Download Kik for PC/Laptop

1. Leapdroid method :  Leapdroid is an android emulator which enables installation of Kik messanger.

Step 1- Download Leapdroid.
Step 2- Install the file, it will take time due to high memory.
Step 3- Double click on the play store, you will need to enter email id, then search for the Kik messenger in the search tab.
Step 4- Download the app like any other app, install it & that's it.

2. Bluestacks method :  Follow the steps to get it.

Step 1 - The first step to download kik messenger for PC is to download android emulator, we recommend bluestacks.

Step 2- Install the emulator, once downloaded.
Step 3- In the search tab type "Kik messenger".
Step 4- Click on install.
Step 5- Launch the app, register & chat ;)

3. Chrome Extension method : Chrome extension is the software developed by chrome, it's pretty simple & easy to use.

Step 1- Open the google chrome app on the PC/Laptop & hit the search "chrome extension for Kik".
Step 2- From the results, click on the first link.
Step 3- A new page will pop up, there click " add to chrome button" this will install Kik on your computer.

Kik Online Login
·       Open the app on your device & go to the sign-up
·       Fill your first name & last name
·       This names gonna be your display names which you can alter later on
·       Choose a username
·       If a green sign is seen beside your name then you can pick it, or else you need some alterations to reach to the unique one.
·       Add a password which is strong in terms of guessing.
·       Fill in your DOB, Kik only allows users of above 13 age.
·       Tap the Sign up.

Once you are done with the above steps, verify the account from your mail id, don't forget to check the spam folder in case you don't find the mail.
Hope you are now enough knowledgable for getting started on one of the recent trending App.